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Their Questions are Valid…Encourage it


Hello Nannies! Thank God it’s Friday!!!

It is very easy to get tired or irritated by the numerous questions children can have at times. There are moments we just want to shush them for some respite. When that urge come, please don’t. Instead, encourage young children to ask questions

As caregivers, we should educate children on the benefits of asking questions at all times. Every question a child asks is relevant and a way to understand what is going on in the mind of a child. Pure and simple children ask questions because they are curious and they are looking for information.

Some children have helped save terrible situations because they asked timely questions. Other times because a child was afraid to speak or is used to being hushed up when she would like to speak situations such as abuse have gone on undetected. Encourage your child to express herself, no matter how surprised you are about the questions.

Meet Sarah Friday, Our Nanny of the Month


This month we are celebrating Sarah Friday. This is her story:

Prior to The Nanny Academy, Sarah was an unemployed housewife with four kids. She had to rely on her husband’s earnings as a police officer in Nigeria to cater for the household. A friend told her about The Nanny Academy and offered to sponsor her tuition at the Academy.

Despite skepticism about getting a job through The Nanny Academy due to her limited written communication proficiency, she applied and was accepted as a trainee after our recruitment team discovered she could read and communicate verbally in English.

Her biggest challenge was transporting herself to classes daily but Sarah was able to pull through with the support of family and friends. ‘It was not easy’ she admits. The Paediatric First Aid class was most appealing to Sarah. “I learned how I could have prevented the death of my first child who died from complications of choking on a piece of groundnut five years ago,” she said.

Sarah’s newfound skills boosted her confidence to secure a job. After weeks of training, she was hired as a Carer for the 3 months to 2 years baby section at a Daycare Center in the Lekki area of Lagos. Her training for the childcare sector which cut across professionalism and life skills helped her make a huge impression with the School’s interviewing board without feeling intimidated.

Sarah’s long-term plan is to own a home-based day-care centre. “I want to improve my knowledge and create more access for quality early childhood care and education”, she said.

Contact us today for the opportunity to start a new chapter of your life because being a nanny is the best job in the world.


Outdoor Close Up Portrait Of A Cute Young Black Girl - African P

Although it may not always seem like it, your children really do listen to you. They soak up your every word, even when you do not think they are paying attention. Most of us use this knowledge in order to limit the bad things they hear. How often, however, are we conscious of using our words to build them up? For that reason we have compiled a few ways we think you could use to empower the children you take care of.

Validate and Re-assure

Unfortunately, your child is bound to experience some sort of failure in his life. Validate his feelings – he knows he messed up, and pretending that he didn’t will only confuse him and make him less likely to trust your words. But keep him from beating himself up by reminding him that his setback is only temporary. Then go a step further to set a game plan to get him back on track. Hopefully this will become a habit, and his adult failures will be stepping stones rather than stopping points.

Give specific compliments

Children are tactile, concrete creatures, so many can have a hard time taking a compliment to heart when it is abstract. If you give her an example, however, she is more likely to understand and value the trait you are praising, and to repeat the same behaviour later. Telling your daughter that she is smart is a wonderful thing. Noticing that she read an entire chapter book, however, can be much more effective.

Involve them in solving their problems

When your child makes the same mistakes over and over, it is easy to become frustrated. However, by asking what she can do differently and helping her to implement a solution, you are giving her a chance to solve her own problem.
By re-framing the situation, you are changing her role from being the problem to being the problem-solver. Instead of feeling like a trouble-maker, she will feel clever and independent.

Speak well of your children…THEY CAN HEAR YOU

All too often, we seem to think our child’s ears turn off when we are talking to another parent. Rather, what he/she hears you say about him to another adult can have a tremendous impact. When you compliment your child, he may resist believing it, thinking that you are just trying to make him feel good. What he hears you say to another adult, however, has a greater weight. He is more likely to take the compliment to heart and trust it to be true. Think of the way this would work in your own life. If a friend told you your new haircut looked fantastic, you might be flattered – but if you overheard her saying the same to her sister, you would feel even more so. Children are the same!

We all think our children are the greatest little people in the world, and most of us try to tell them so regularly. Use one of these methods to ensure that the compliments you give the child in your life hit her deeply and have staying power. You will be glad at the person she grows up to become.

Education empowers!

We see this over and over again in the testimonies of some of our nannies who go from barely having enough to living comfortable lives – and in some cases, moving on to start their own businesses- through the income they make from caring for children.

Well here’s another opportunity to be empowered by training as a child-caregiver or getting one trained.

We cannot over-stress the importance of having the right skills. Don’t cut corners when dealing with something as precious as a child’s well-being.

Get the right knowledge!!! Hire the right help!!!


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