The Nanny Academy is offering one full scholarship and 5 partial scholarships to mark our 6th year anniversary for July 7 intakes of Certified Professional Child-caregiver Program!

Hurry now to apply as it will be on a ‘first come, first served’ basis!

As a certified professional caregiver, you are equipped to work in any childcare environment and earn a commendable salary or even start your own childcare business. This program doesn’t just apply to childminders at home.

Child caregiver

A CPC class in session

Our mission is to provide the highest standard of childcare education for those who aim to become Professional Childcare Service Providers,Teacher Assistants and Professional Nannies / Caregivers. We work through the training to equip students to assume the responsibility for the intellectual, social, cultural and physical development of children in a safe and healthy environment.

A CPC student making cards in Art class

A CPC student making cards in Art class

Our CPC program is unique and rich,conducted by a distinguished faculty dedicated exclusively to the education of Professional Caregivers, Teacher Assistants and Governesses as well as providing entrepreneurship education for intending operators of daycare centres.

Contact us for more details! Spread the word!!!

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