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Executive Summary

Thank you for your interest in our Certificate Programs. Our mission is to provide the highest standard of childcare education for those whose aim is to become Professional Childcare Service Providers,Teacher Assistants and Professional Nannies / Caregivers. We work through the training to equip students to assume the numerous responsibility for the intellectual,social,cultural and physical development of children in a safe and healthy environment.

The Nanny Academy’s academic program is unique and rich,conducted by a distinguished faculty dedicated exclusively to the education of Professional Caregivers,Teacher Assistants and Governesses as well as providing entrepreneurship education for intending operators of daycare centers.Students participate in diverse programs comprised of various lengths of integrated coursework. Students develop the skills to direct age-appropriate educational,social, culturally enriching and recreational experiences for each charge in their care,with an emphasis on family dynamics.

The Nanny Academy offers Vocational Education in Childcare. This means that all individuals who feel drawn or passionate about starting or charting new careers in Childcare are invited and welcome to start up their careers,taking great advantage of our in-depth programs. Hence we welcome applications from school leavers,graduates,housewives,graduates and all interested persons who want to pursue careers in Childcare within and outside Nigeria to come enroll.


This consists of the following:

  1. Application of Classroom Theory
  2. Off-campus site for excursions
  3. Internship
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