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We have hit our 5000th job!!!

5000th Job

A #job is a #mealticket and more

The Nanny Academy is excited to have reached the 5000th mark….having done 5000 placements providing #decentpaying Nanny and Housekeeper #jobs in 7 years!

We are grateful to the wonderful families,#referrals and organizations who have made it possible for us to achieve this feat. It has not been an easy journey… but we’ve held on to hope believing that things can only get better.

We are glad to have advocated for good conditions of work for our growing Nanny and Housekeeper community. The numbers are staggering…and telling! They tell us that there are lots of needy Nigerians in their numbers needing the securities as can come from jobs.The stories behind the applicants will be topic for another day.We know Nigeria better from the work we do here!

Winning the Federal Government’s Youwin award and grant in 2013 was a turning point for us in acquiring a structure that has sustained us thus far.From then we have been moving in strenght to train more candidates and create more #jobs.

Imagine if we had used the N10million Youwin grant back in 2013 to #pepperdemgang instead of investing in the modest space that is The Nanny Academy today! For starters we would not have survived this current #recession.

We have through these #jobs helped beat #poverty and helped many raise their children and stay off the streets. We have helped young girls go back to school. We have helped many keep roofs over their heads…we have helped many restore faith and dignity in themselves. We have helped many displaced women set up their own micro businesses and cornershops.

We have grown and helped hone professionals in this sector and inspired competition in the country.

What started as a small business has now metamorphosed into a hybrid…part business, part not-for-profit. To this end we solicit sponsors to help augument the cost of training for those who can’t afford to transport themselves to take classes.

Our longer training programs helps bridge the #knowledge and #skills gap given the staggering 45 percent illiteracy level of applicants in our community. The truth is…the more trained they are…the better the outcomes.

We are looking forward to hitting the 10,000th job mark by our 10th anniversary in 2019!
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Register for CPC this June!!!


Have you ever thought about becoming a Professional Nanny /Governess? Do you worry that you lack the basic skills required to be one due a lack of university education? Fear no more, we have the solution.

The first step starts here! Register for our winning six months Certified Professional Child-caregiver program and begin a journey of learning and growing that will last a lifetime.

Our CPC program has opened the way of fulfillment and prosperity for many. It can do same for you too.

Note that this June is a final chance to graduate from the program by the end of the year and start a new plan for 2017.

Hurry while there are still spaces. Next batch of intakes begin classes on the 7th of June.